The Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine to Enjoy at Home

The Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine to Enjoy at Home

After a festive season packed with celebrations and family gatherings indulging in decadent food, you’ve probably set new resolutions to focus on in 2023 to improve your life. Yet, some of you may still feel nostalgic and miss the magical holiday spirit.

If that’s the case, then we have a perfect pick-me-up that will instantly lift your mood, while still being in line with your healthy new year’s resolutions!

Nothing commemorates new beginnings better than a glass of bubbly, but sometimes the combination of great wine and good company is so irresistible, that it becomes very challenging to track the number of glasses raised toasting for a happy future, which inevitably leads to drinking a little too much and feeling a little bit under the weather the next morning.

If you don’t want to compromise the fun social aspect of your life, but are seeking a healthier way to spend your evenings or simply want to explore the dry January benefits, we propose a solution: why not opt for a perfect alcohol-free sparkling alternative that will make the transition into the new year smoother? 

The Pale Fox Alcohol-Free Sparkling

A wine made from premium Pinot Grigio grapes, it comes with a twist - no alcohol! We bring you this premium de-alcoholised wine with delicate aromas of crisp apple and white flowers that open up with flavours of peach, citrus and baked bread notes upon tasting.

The wine comes in a stunning frosted glass bottle packaged inside a beautifully presented box, but you can also opt for a case or a set of two if you’re planning a party or wish to make a thoughtful and personal gift.

The Fun And Benefits Of An Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

If you’ve had too much wine over the festive period and feel like the taste of it doesn’t excite you as much anymore, why not surprise your guests with mouth-watering, yet easy-to-prepare alcohol-free drinks? At Pale Fox, we have carefully curated a list of incredible cocktails that can even be downloaded as a beautiful mixology booklet will all the ingredients and instructions.

You can prepare refreshing mocktails by substituting Prosecco with our non-alcoholic sparkling alternative. The options are truly endless.

If you’re still not convinced to switch to drinking no or low-alcohol wines, here are just a few health benefits that might help you make up your mind: 

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less sugar and carbs per serving
  • Better quality sleep
  • Hangover and "hangxiety-free" mornings

It’s no wonder why the consumption of low-alcohol drinks is on the rise, as more and more people choose to cut alcohol from their diet for various reasons: be it to avoid hangovers and awkward social situations or due to the many health benefits of booze-free life.

The younger population, namely Generation Z, are known to practise mindful drinking and strive to create healthier habits. That is why alcohol-free beer, low-alcohol wine and other non-alcoholic drinks are here to stay, destined to become staple classic options instead of seeming like a novelty.

The Art Of Gift Giving

It's a new year with new special occasions, and what can bring more pleasure than surprising your loved ones with a present that they will truly appreciate? If you are looking for something timeless that will serve as a reminder of great times spent together, we have just the thing. Why not pair an elegant set of our signature gold-rimmed coupe glasses with a bottle of our alcohol-free sparkling wine? The options are endless, but the joy of surprising your loved ones is simply priceless.

At Pale Fox we always go the extra mile, creating thoroughly curated gift sets that will put a sincere smile on the face of anyone receiving our bottles. If you’re uncertain about gift-giving, we have gift card options too.

Subscribe And Save With The Fox Club

There is a great chance that after trying Pale Fox, you and your friends or family may wish for more of the irresistible wine with its delicate flavours. In that case, you can join the Fox Club like hundreds of likeminded people, which allows you to keep up the stock of your favourite drinks and enjoy exclusive benefits such as a 15% discount on each purchase.

It’s a convenient way to schedule regular deliveries of any of the products from our range while being sure that you will never run out of your favourite sparkling wines, be it the classic Prosecco Superiore, Prosecco Rosé or the non-alcoholic sparkling! You can alter, cancel your subscription, skip a delivery or adjust the quantity of your order at your own convenience.

A Non-Alcoholic Wine With Sparkles - The Best Choice For Everyone

We believe that everyone deserves to treat themselves to something fun and delicious, even if you’re a designated driver, want to avoid morning headaches or simply choose to lead a healthier path without missing out on any of the benefits of a social life. That is why we can say with certainty that the Pale Fox alcohol-free bubbly is the perfect celebratory drink for 2023.

Cheers to the new year with our guilt-free sparkling pleasure!

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