Prosecco Gifting at Pale Fox: The World's Best Prosecco

Pale Fox Rosé Gifting

If you're shopping for someone who loves prosecco, a bottle of Pale Fox is the perfect way to treat them to something special. Ours is a prosecco with a story, made from the delicately pale grapes of the Valle delle Volpi, or Valley of the Foxes.

Our DOCG prosecco has been rated as the best in the world by one of the top wine critics in the industry, James Suckling. Cucina & Vini, the leading food and drink magazine of Italy, has rated our Prosecco as the best in the Asolo region.

To match our exceptional wine, our gift bottles come beautifully presented, in strikingly elegant packaging. We offer a wide range of prosecco gifting options, from individual bottles to gift sets and subscriptions.

Whether you're shopping for a loved one, seeking out corporate gifts or finding the perfect wedding favours, Pale Fox has a perfect prosecco gifting solution.

The Coupe Glass Gift Set

Exceptional prosecco deserves a beautiful glass to be sipped from. This prosecco gift set with glasses is the perfect prosecco gift for someone special. Choose from a 75cl bottle of either our Superiore Prosecco or our Prosecco Rosé, complete with a pair of our signature gold-rimmed coupe glasses, and two amaretti biscuits.

Housed in our beautiful presentation box, these prosecco gift sets are securely sent to be delivered in pristine condition. As well as providing a breathtaking unboxing moment, our packaging also tells the story of the Valley of the Foxes, where our prosecco is produced.


Pale Fox Gift Box


Stunning Gift Boxes

How to make a bottle into something really special? We've designed our gift boxes to reflect the delicacy of the wine itself - and provide a truly special unboxing moment. An outstanding addition to any prosecco drinker's collection.

These beautifully-presented bottles make the perfect birthday, Christmas or Valentines gift for a family member, friend or loved one. Choose from a single bottle, a pair or stock up with a case of six.


Pale Fox Prosecco Chocolate & Amaretti


Add Chocolates or Amaretti

There's no better way to embellish prosecco gifts than with chocolates - and ours are something special. Our salted caramel truffles come beautifully boxed alongside a bottle of our Superiore or Rosé - with an extra little treat. These make extra decadent prosecco Christmas gifts for loved ones.

For something a little different, our amaretti biscuits are the perfect pairing for our single-estate prosecco. Produced in Saronno, just outside of Milan, these biscuits are nutty, crunchy and sweet. Perfect for a continental afternoon tea or after-dinner treat. 

The Fox Club Subscription

Want to really treat your loved one? Sign them up to our Fox Club, and send them our award-winning prosecco at regular intervals for as long as you like. You choose the quantity and frequency of your delivery - you can cancel or skip at any time. A prosecco birthday gift every month!

Prosecco Wedding Gifts and Favours

For something truly special, our prosecco wedding favours are the perfect way to show your guests how much you appreciate them. Pale Fox is ideal for those occasions where you need a delicate wine that can be enjoyed all day. We offer tailored wedding packages to suit your needs, with special pricing available for volume orders - simply get in touch with us here.

And if you're a guest, what better way to celebrate the newlyweds that with a top-quality bottle of fizz? Our prosecco gift sets make a truly memorable and luxurious wedding gift that any couple will appreciate. Alternatively, we also offer wedding packages to suit your needs.

Prosecco Corporate Gifting

Whether it’s rewarding your team, thanking valued clients or sending seasons greetings to all your suppliers in style, our corporate gifting team is here to help make those gifts special. Get in touch with us here, and show your generosity with quality prosecco.

For Non-Drinkers

Celebrations shouldn't be limited to those who imbibe - our alcohol-free fizz is something really special. For those who have given up alcohol but miss their bubbly (or simply prefer to skip the aftereffects), our alcohol-free makes a great gift.

Made from a blend of Pinot Grigio and our signature Prosecco grapes, we start out with a classic wine before removing the alcohol. The result is complex and celebratory, with an extra dry balance of acidity, fruit and yeasty notes.

Why Pale Fox?

There's a reason Pale Fox has been called the best prosecco in the world. It has all the floral notes and lightness of a great prosecco, with the minerality, structure and complexity of a fine champagne.

Unlike many wines, ours are also vegan. Instead of being filtered using animal products (such as fish bones or egg whites), we use a natural clay called bentonite. We can assure you that no animal, or fox, was harmed in the process of making our wine.

Pale Fox is also low in sulphites. Sulphites are nasty stabilising compounds used in wine making that are known to be one of the main causes of a headache after a night of drinking. A small amount of sulphites are produced naturally in the wine-making process - but we keep this to the absolute lowest levels. 

A Sustainable Gift 

If you're looking for environmentally friendly Christmas gifts, or are looking for a greener way to shop for gifts, Pale Fox Prosecco is an excellent option.

We only use 100% renewable energy sources in the production of Pale Fox, from both solar and hydro-electric energy. Furthermore, we have partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order placed - and use CO2 neutral couriers to ensure our business is CO2 negative.

Our truly memorable prosecco gifts are waiting for you - browse our shop here. Need help making the right choice? Contact us at We'll be happy to help.

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