What Makes Pale Fox So Special?

What Makes Pale Fox So Special?

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From it's very conception, our aim was to reinvent what Prosecco means to people. Unfortunately, a lot of the Prosecco on the market, especially within the UK, is not of great quality, produced using below par grapes and with methods more conducive to expediency than to flavour. 3 years ago, we started out on a journey to create something really special and elevate Prosecco to the heights that Champagne has reached. The following is what makes Pale Fox so special...

The Terroir

The south-facing slopes of the Valle delle Volpi are the first hills inland from the coast.  This unique location creates the perfect micro-climate of sunshine, cooling breezes and gentle rainfall for growing Glera, the grapes used to make Prosecco.  These conditions combine gloriously with quick draining, mineral rich soil to produce grapes capable of creating an exceptional sparkling wine.

Pale Fox Terroir 

The Harvest 

Quality over quantity - the yield of our vines is controlled so that each grape imparts the maximum amount of flavour.  Once fully mature, a second selection is carried out.  Only the best grapes are picked to become Pale Fox with the rest discarded for other wines. The grapes that make the grade are crushed and pressed within 24 hours of being picked and the juice is set aside to start the fermentation process.

The Fermentation

Once a still white wine has been created we begin our signature extra-slow secondary fermentation process to create Pale Fox’s creamy sparkle.  Whilst most Proseccos will undergo 30 days of secondary fermentation we painstakingly extend this process to over 100 days, resulting in an infinitely more complex flavour and finer, more persistent bubbles.


Enjoying great wine should be the ultimate celebration of nature. Part of this celebration is also a respect for its provenance, which is why we only use 100% renewable energy sources in the production of Pale Fox, from both solar and hydro-electric energy. We also use CO2 neutral couriers to further reduce our carbon footprint and have partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order placed.


Pale Fox is proud to be 100% plant-based. Counter-intuitively this is not true of a lot of wines available today, which are filtered using animal products, whether that be fish bones or egg whites. We use a natural clay called Bentonite instead and can assure you that no animal, or Fox, was harmed in the process of making our wine.

Low Sulphite

Sulphites are the nasty stabilizing compounds in wine that are known to be one of the main causes of a headache after a night of drinking. A small amount of sulphites are produced naturally in the wine-making process but we keep this to the absolute lowest levels to limit the effects the next morning.


You do not solely have to take our word on how remarkable Pale Fox is - well-respected industry experts echo our promises. Our aim to elevate Prosecco to new levels of sophistication has been realised, with James Suckling recently awarding Pale Fox 93 points. This score from such an esteemed wine critic places it as the highest-rated prosecco, and it puts us above the likes of Moet NV, Bollinger NV and Veuve NV. Additionally, Italy’s top food and drink publication, Cucina & Vini, have granted our prosecco 90 points and heralded it, ‘The World's Best Asolo Prosecco’. These awards help to confirm our belief (and hopefully yours) in the quality of Pale Fox.


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