5 Ways to Supercharge Your Brunch

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Brunch

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We’ve come up with 5 great ways of supercharging your at home brunch game, from pastries to prosecco, we have it covered.

 1. Sweet & Savoury

 A good brunch is all about variety, and that means offering a sweet and a savoury option. On the savoury side, nothing beats the classic Eggs Benedict and Jamie Oliver has a great recipe here, but if you’re feeling extra adventurous why not try a Spanish-style Frittata? It’s a great way to get rid of anything you have left over in the fridge from the week before. Find our favourite recipe here

 On the sweet side, it can be as simple as going to your local bakery and buying an assortment of Danish pastries. If you think that’s cheating, then whip up some pancakes: Nigella’s recipe is an oldie but a goodie.

brunch eggs benedict 

2. Feeling Fresh

A simple way of balancing out your spread is by adding some fresh fruit and juice to the mix. Strawberries, blueberries and pineapple is our favourite combo over here at Fox HQ but feel free to get experimental. If you’ve got a juicer to hand then blitz some apple, celery, spinach, lemon and pear for a super healthy fresh juice option, to counteract all that Prosecco you’ll be drinking (we’ll come to that later!).

3. Give a Bloody Mary a Go

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea (indeed, many of you may prefer a cup of tea) but no brunch is truly complete without a spicy Bloody Mary. For an excellent, if not ingredient-heavy, recipe, then click here. If you want something a bit simpler then give these guys (http://www.littledevilspices.com/) a go: all the spices you need for a Bloody Mary in on sachet. Easy.

brunch bloody mary

4. Pick a Palette

Pick a colour palette for your table decoration and stick to it, whether that be white and minimalist or vibrant and colourful. For some great styling inspo, checkout the following instagram pages: @camillestyles, @sundaysuppers and @thedinnerclub57.

5. The Proof is in The Prosecco

It’s an absolute brunch essential but nothing says bad brunch like a bitter, tasteless, flat glass of bubbly. Give your guests (and yourself) the Prosecco they deserve with a bottle of Pale Fox. Fresh, fruity and complex, we’re sure it will be a winner. Grab yourself a bottle (or six) here

prosecco brunch

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