5 Mouth-watering Aperitivo to Pair with Your Prosecco

5 Mouth-watering Aperitivo to Pair with Your Prosecco

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There are very few better moments in life than relaxing with friends over a glass of your favourite prosecco whilst enjoying a delicious snack. Happy hour in the UK is typically that period after work where drinks are cheaper, but in Italy, that golden period after work and before heading for dinner is known as Aperitivo, a celebratory time to gather with your loved ones.

The idea can be traced back to Madrid in the early 1900s and is a very popular pastime across Northern Italy. Unlike the happy hour that you might be used to, during Aperitivo, it is common for people to only have one or two drinks as they sit back, catch up with friends and watch the world go by. 

Aperitivo is much more than just the standard nibbles you find in bars. Of course, those plates of olives, nuts and crisps are included, but finding the right snacks to pair with your drinks can be a challenge. To help you, here are our favourite small bites to use during your next Aperitivo:

Polpette Italian Aperitivo

1. Polpette

One of the most popular snacks in bars across Italy, Polpette is effectively a small meatball typically made from Pork, Beef or a blend of the two alongside key ingredients such as parsley and garlic. Typically served on their own, there are many ways to customise yours, so get as creative as you like! This recipe on the Great Italian Chefs website is an absolute must try.

2. Arancini

Another very popular dish enjoyed around the world, Arancini is a ball of risotto that has been coated in breadcrumbs and then deep fried. Originating in Sicily, as these mouth-watering small bites travelled around the world, they have been customised and updated to meet demands. One of the most common additions is to fill the risotto balls with additional ingredients, such as meat or vegetables, or, our favourite, Truffle!

Crostini Italian Aperitivo

3. Crostini

Crostini covers a wide range of snacks but effectively, it is small slices of crispy bread that are topped with a variety of ingredients. Typically, these mini bites will come topped with cured meats, popular cheeses or fish such as sardines or creamy whipped cod known as baccalà mantecato. They are incredibly easy to customise, which means you can quickly make them vegan-friendly by adding various vegetables. This customisation also means that if any of your guests have allergies, you can still provide them with a delicious treat. Jamie comes up with the goods with a variety of easy to make Crostini here.

4. Tramezzini

If crusty bread isn’t quite your thing, then offer your guests a range of Tramezzini. These small sandwiches are made from soft bread and filled with almost any ingredients you like – although traditionally, vegetables or meat such as prosciutto are the fillings of choice.

5. Bruschetta

Similar to crostini, bruschetta is a toasted form of bread that has been rubbed with garlic before being topped with olive oil, onion, fresh tomato, garlic and basil. The origins of this traditional dish date back thousands of years, and is known to be a popular choice amongst the ancient Romans!

Of course, all of this should be accompanied by a glass or two of Prosecco or a Spritz. We may be biased, but in our opinion, nothing beats our very own, Pale Fox.

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