Celebration without the Compromise

Celebration without the Compromise

After 4 years of development, we are proud to release our Alcohol Free Cuvée. Learn why we think it stands out from the rest below. 

We produce our Alcohol Free by following the same initial process that goes into making our Prosecco and Prosecco Rosé, by crushing and pressing the finest grapes and vinifying a white wine. By using an advanced technique called Direct Osmosis, we are then able to separate out the alcohol from the wine without removing or stressing the phenolic compounds and aromas. Our 2021 vintage is a blend of Pinot Grigio grapes and our award-winning Glera grapes that go into making our flagship Proseccos. It is complex and celebratory, with an extra dry balance of acidity, fruit and classic bread-dough notes.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Pale and clear, persistent bubbles
  • Nose: Floral, crisp green apple
  • Taste: Apple, pear, lemon peel, peach, toasted almonds

Award-winning Grapes

We use the same award-winning hand-picked Glera grapes from our flagship Prosecco, picked from the mineral rich soil of the Valley of the Foxes. This is balanced with Pinot Grigio from Friuli, a grape that is perfect for dealcoholisation as it holds on to its Aromas and Flavonoids well during the Direct Osmosis process.  

Alcohol Free

Low Pressure

We use a process called Direct Osmosis to extract the alcohol from our wine. As opposed to the more common method of Reverse Osmosis, which uses pressures of up to 50 atmospheres, Direct Osmosis uses only 1.5 – 2 atmospheres. The process is costlier and takes longer but the lower pressure transfer allows us to extract the alcohol without compromising the taste and aroma.

Low Temperature

Unlike more popular thermal distillation techniques like vacuum distillation and spinning cone column extraction, alcohol is extracted without the need for heating the wine. As above, this results in far less stress and denaturation of the flavour compounds in the resulting liquid.

No Additives

Unlike most other non-alcoholic products on the market, we do not add any stabilizers or preservatives to our wine. We just use a small amount of sulphites, a technique ubiquitous in regular winemaking practices.  

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