Planet Friendly Prosecco: Our Sustainability Credentials

Planet Friendly Prosecco: Our Sustainability Credentials

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We only have one Earth and we must look after it. Below we go into more detail about our sustainability practices: production, packaging, our couriers, and Ecologi Partnership.

Sustainable Production

Firstly, we only use 100% renewable energy sources in the production of Pale Fox, from both solar and hydroelectric energy. A sustainable production process does not stop there, it is important to maintain the biosphere as well. That’s why we are practising organic by limiting our use of pesticides and other chemicals in the growing process. Furthermore, we non-invasively hand-pick our grapes rather than with machinery to make sure that insects and slugs are not harmed in the harvesting. We also don’t use animal products in the fining of the wine, using bentonite clay instead, read more about that here.

Sustainable Packaging

At the moment, our beautiful packaging is 95% recyclable but we are committed to increasing this to 100% by the end of 2022. This will include a move away from the use of any plastics. Currently, our bottles are partly composed of old bottles that have been recycled and sustainable EZEE shock protection is used. This shock protection is used to protect your precious prosecco in transit as opposed to single-use plastic ‘airshocks’, which are not biodegradable.

 Pale Fox Prosecco Packaging

Carbon neutral couriers

Each stage up until you sit down to enjoy your prosecco matters to us. That’s why we use CO2 neutral couriers to ensure our business as a whole is CO2 negative. They do their best to reduce the carbon footprint of the parcel and then offset the rest through funding clean energy projects and tree planting. Year by year they are striving to improve, investing in electric vehicles and green technology.

Ecologi Partnership

We recently announced our partnership with Ecologi, a global tree planting and carbon offset initiative. We donate a tree for every order that is placed with us, helping to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Further than this, we invest in other climate positive schemes that ensure that our company and its workforce are not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative. Read more about this fantastic company and why what they do matters here.

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