How to: Keep the Fizz

How to: Keep the Fizz

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It is heartbreaking to pour a half-finished bottle of prosecco down the sink because it is flat. We’ve tested out a few tips and tricks to give you Pale Fox’s lowdown on how to increase the fizz of your prosecco. 

First and foremost, the bubbles that exist in prosecco are carbon dioxide from the secondary fermentation. When producing Pale Fox, we ferment for 90 days, rather than the customary 30, which results in more persistent and finer bubbles than other proseccos. This quality should mean that the fizz remains for longer than usual. Nevertheless, we’re exploring a few fables to give you our opinion on keeping the fizz.

1. Dangling a Teaspoon 

The method of dangling a completely metal utensil, handle down, into the neck of the open bottle is well-known. But does this actually work? The opinions on this are split, however, with many bubble lovers touting the brilliant success of their spoons, while others dismiss it as an old wives’ tale. Supposedly, the metal makes the neck of the bottle colder, which then creates a cold air plug above the warmer prosecco, keeping the bubbles within the bottle. 

2. A Singular Raisin 

Another theory to put the fizz back in your prosecco (that seems bizarre) is dropping a raisin in the bottle. The carbon dioxide is then believed to adhere to its ridges of the raisin, then release back into the prosecco and redistribute throughout the bottle. We’re going to refute this one though, the raisin does not work to retain the carbon dioxide bubbles in the prosecco, it simply causes the bubbles left to reappear for a few minutes at most. 

3. Invest in a Stopper

Probably the safest bet for preserving the effervescence for longer is purchasing a stopper. It’s important when buying a stopper to make sure it’s specifically designed for effervescent drinks; you don’t want a wine cork to give you a black eye! By not letting any air out of the bottle, this solution works to maintain the bubbles and taste.

Pale Fox Prosecco Fizz

4. The Colder the Better

It is generally understood that prosecco should be stored in a dry place out of sunlight between 12 to 14 degrees. Only for a day before and then after opening should it be kept chilled because in the fridge the cork dries due to a lack of humidity, releasing the seal causing the carbon dioxide to escape. The reason for keeping prosecco chilled after opening is that carbon dioxide becomes less soluble in prosecco, and other liquids, as the temperature increases. So a colder temperature means maintaining more bubbles. Therefore, ensure you have an ice bucket at hand or simply remember to put the bottle back in the fridge in between pourings. 

So, what is the best solution? The only completely effective solution is to finish the whole bottle in one sitting, which is tricky not to do with a bottle of Pale Fox. In all seriousness, we do recommend keeping your bottle chilled and with a stopper on to prolong the fizz, but quality is the most important factor in how long the bubbles will remain. 

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