5 Ways to Make Mother's Day Special

5 Ways to Make Mother's Day Special

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Fingers crossed this will be one of the last, but Mother’s Day is yet another holiday we will be spending in lockdown. However, that doesn’t get you out of appreciating your mother, your step-mum, a mother-to-be, grandmas, or whoever assumes this role in your life. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you make her day memorable.

1. Send Flowers

Everyone seems to get a knock at the door and a parcel at least a few times a week during lockdown. Yet, rarely do people order themselves a bunch of flowers. A large bunch of spring blooms is an old favourite for Mother’s Day, but they will really brighten her day and table. There are copious companies that offer delivery services, some that even fit through the letterbox! (Our favourites include Bloom & Wild and Stems by Tineke).

2. Breakfast in Bed

Lucky enough to live with your mum? Think back to all those suppers she has made for you. Let her have a morning lazing in bed and bring her favourite breakfast up to her. Don’t forget to tuck a handwritten card onto the corner of your tray. If you don’t currently live under the same roof, you could bribe another family member to make it on your behalf or have brunch delivered via takeaway.

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3. Spa Day

Take self-care Sundays to a new extreme and have a pampering afternoon with your mother. Paint your nails and do a facemask all while sipping on a glass of prosecco. If you aren’t in the same bubble, send or drop off her choice of products beforehand as an extra gift.

4. Make a Crafty Gift

A trip down memory lane, especially with a family member, is always going to make both of you smile. While you might not be able to flick through photo albums together, there are crafty ways to relish your memories. If you are skilled in the technology department, you could compile a video montage of home videos, using apps such as Splice or iMovie. Conversely, you can always go old-school and bring out a glue stick to help you create a scrapbook.

5. Virtual Cooking Date

Get your mother figure to teach you a recipe via a video call service. On the surface, this may not exactly seem like a gift for them, but every mother loves to pass down a family tradition. From learning about secret brownie ingredients to tips for the perfect roast, this, and some catch-up chatter whilst something is in the oven is a lovely way to pass the afternoon.  It’s not always about giving a gift; as tricky as it is at the moment, quality time is just as important.

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